Sex is not only a need for men but also for women. Sex is not only a biological need but also introduces a person to a fully fledge world of fun, excitement, lovemaking and relationship. When it comes to intercourse, lubrication is a must. A vagina lacking adequate lubrication can be a problem for both the woman and man. Otherwise, the activity like love making can be painful and can lead to scratches or burn feelings. Then, there are many men who cannot find a partner some time but they cannot help their urge to ejaculate. A fine lubricant that can be washed easily without any issue can do quite well. Then, there are many people who like to experience both holes of their partner. The other hole can be a problem without some fine lubrication. Similarly, there are some men who find randomization the only way to quench their sexual concern. In addition, there are such people who like to play with sex toys to avoid certain issues. But dryness would not let them do so or ruin the fun. There is one fine answer to all these different needs by the name of ZygenX.

The following lines shine various aspects of the product.

  • ZygenX is for sexual intercourse that is a water based solution.
  • The discreet packing serves the privacy matters very well.
  • Whatever may be the sexual act, dryness will not be able to raise its head to spoil the fun.
  • The love making is bound to surge.
  • The non-stickiness does not distract from fun while the activity is in progress.
  • Being non-stickiness, it is easy to wash away.
  • Absences of Glycerin and Paraben make it even a better choice.
  • The silky feel is good for sensory matters which take the pleasure to the next level.
  • There is neither taste nor colour in it, which adds to convenience and advantages.
  • Water rinses it off very easily.

Why Need It?

Body changes and aging can bring about strange developments. One of those is less secretion of the vagina that accommodates the male sex organ while love making. This thing can make one fine fun spurring activity so uncomfortable that the woman can decide to choose obstinacy. The thing can only get better when things are fixed up with the help of a lube. Or, extra lubrication can raise the fun to new limits. As both of the partners are involved, so the fun return becomes even greater. ZygenX offers its lubricating service so that people can turn over a new leaf as regards their private life.

Features of the Said Sexual Lubricant

The sexual lubricant is available in a black bottle equipped with apump that has been designedin an excellent manner. The user can stash it away in bedside draw very easily. As earlier lines state that ZygenX is marked by its water based attribute. After this quality, there are more good things to know about it. For instance, it does not contain Glycerine, Paraben, or some petrochemical. Despite the complete exclusion of the said notion, it gives better slippery effects. These slippery effects prevent the issues of chafing and tearing. Rather, these slipper effects are better when compared with such products that rely on silicone and petroleum. It is perfect way to spice up one’s sexual life and that of the one’s partner on the other hand. The content of the liquid does not react with toys so it is suitable when there rises a need to use some sex toy. Then, toys can be cleaned easily after they have serves their purpose because water cleans it easily. ZygenX comes in two packing, 16ox and 32 oz, so that a person can choose according to one’s needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The decision to make a maiden purchase can be difficult but not in the case of people who have already used it. There is one particular think that eases their first purchase on the one hand and ensures the quality on the other hand. It is 100% satisfaction guarantee. On the one hand, if theuser does not find ZygenX satisfactory, one can turn to the guarantee. On the other hand, the Satisfaction Guarantee is a demonstration of the trust of the manufacturer in the quality. Had it been of bad quality, there would not have been any assurance for the sexual lab. Besides, this guarantee distinguishes it from substandard brands and proves that the said lube is fit-for-purpose.


  • ZygenX can be used for the following purposes.
  • First, it helps the sexual intercourse in thevagina.
  • Masturbation for men becomes easy with lube on the male sex organ.
  • It can be used to try anal sex.
  • Suitable for sex toys too.


  • No doubtZygenX is fit-for-purpose sex lube, yet it has some limitations that the user should bear in mind.
  • The said brand does not serve the contraceptive purposeanyway.
  • There is no element of spermicide in it.
  • Do not let ears or eyes come into contact with the lubricant.
  • In case, some irritation takes place, do not use this sexual lubricant and see a doctor.

Words of Caution

  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Do not use if the black bottle tamper proof seal is not intact.
  • Before start using, confirm if your skin gets on fine with this sexual lube. Try ZygenX on a patch of skin to ascertain the level of sensitivity there. If there comes some adverse result, do not use.
  • The lubricant is meant for making the penetration more comfortable only, not for finding some medical issue or resolving it anyway.
  • The main purpose of the lubricant is to resolve dryness. The manufacturer does not evaluate from the perspective of the condom application. Contents in it may ruffle or even damage the condom.


People with the inquisitive bend of mind can find the mention of ingredients good for many reasons.

The making elements are

  • Purified Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Hydroxyethyl Cellulose
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium PCA
  • Potassium Sorbate

Other ZygenX Products

  • Besides this sexual lubricants there are more products that can contribute to the sex experience.
  • Sweet Almond Oil for sensual massage
  • Lavender Sensual Massage Oil
  • Orange Blossom Oil


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