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I am on a mission to find a product like TST 1700 that actually works. Who’s to say that you cannot turn your life around. The reason I started spending so much time in the gym was because throughout my schools years I was unsightly. I was fat and had an overall unsatisfactory look and attitude towards life and everything around me. I felt gross and was made fun of on a regular basis. The overall feeling of being substandard, imperfect, and beneath everyone else was constant and depressed me immensely. I felt disgusting and grotesque and girls throughout my teen years thought so as well. They would make atrocious comments behind my back and call me creepy any time I tried to approach them.

Needless to say, this was very damaging to my self-esteem. I was enraged and had a lot of built up hate. Over time I realized that nobody controlled my feelings except for me and it was I that had to make some serious changes. I no longer wanted to be considered repulsive and a repellant of women. I wanted one time to be the one to reject, not the other way around. I quit getting upset and started down the hard road of improving myself. Being quite hard-headed I actually surprised myself and actually lost a lot of weight and took all of my old pain and used it in the gym. Today, I can say I have a great body, only my goals have become my vice and I now want more. The road has been terrifying but I have gotten through the hardest part. Now I want to find a supplement that can take me to my next goal.

What is TST 1700?

This is an all-natural supplement that boosts nitric oxide. It has a number of listed benefits on the official website including boosting the overall look of your body and increasing your strength. This is key for me as I want to improve my lifts and my overall power in the gym. What worries me is whether the results will look natural.

I have noticed many men at the gym that take various types of supplements. It is quite obvious as their muscles look misshapen and though they are big they are somehow lumpy. I don’t want to look frightening or my muscles to be shocking. I just want them to look natural and well-shaped.

The website also claims that the supplement will reduce fat. Though I have managed to get rid of most of the unpleasant fat that I dealt with throughout my school years, I know there is more I can lose. I want to do this to prevent getting back to my unhealthy habits and keep my body at the ideal weight. The claimed boost of endurance is also welcome as currently I nearly collapse halfway through the desired reps and feel feeble after several minutes of working out. Though it has been quite some time since I first started working out regularly, the years of the weight pulling me down have really taken a toll on the way my body responds to physical exercises.

The product really does look quite promising with advertisement of increased endurance and longer than ever workouts. The results include getting the body of your dreams by means of more strength, endurance, and protein output. Also, it is claimed to rid body of all the excess waste that has built up over time. This waste is known to delay the muscles from building properly and quickly. Though they claim that it has been recommended by athletes and muscle-builders there is no proof.

This is a pre-workout supplement. Though the name claims that it boosts NO it doesn’t really go into further detail as to how this takes place. My fear is that this is nothing more than another faulty supplement that will only get your hopes up and disappoint.

How to Buy TST 1700

Buying this supplement is what I can’t wrap my mind around. This type of purchase option is very common among supplements, but that doesn’t mean it’s a safe option. The terms are very questionable and are well hidden to keep you confused. You pay only for shipping and get a 30 day supply. What is contradictory is the fact that you actually have to return this supply if you decide not to continue taking this product by 14 days. If you don’t call and cancel your order within the trial period you will be charged $79.95. Not only that, you will continue to receive a new 30 day supply and charged for it every month until you cancel.

Why I am Unsure about TST 1700

Although it seems quite promising simply because of the benefits listed, I cannot fully trust this product. Even if these benefits are not impossible, they provide no proof of how they are achieved. Though I may be slightly ignorant when it comes to supplements, I do want to see a list of ingredients so I can look them up. There is no way to confirm there are no adverse or alarming side effects. I do not want to feel ill or sick simply for taking a supplement to improve my workouts. Not only that, but as I mentioned above, without the list of ingredients I will not be able to find out if my muscles will become deformed from taking it as I do not know what is in it and the doses.

Trying to find a quality supplement has certainly proven to be stressful. I have grown suspicious of every product I find due to the numerous scams and dishonest advertisements. Although I have found numerous positive reviews for this product, there certainly are plenty of negative ones as well. When you add the high price and considering that if it doesn’t work it’s simply worthless, I am not sure I am willing to risk it. I will continue research on TST 1700 before ordering, and if any of you have tried it please share your thoughts.

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