RAIL Male Enhancement

Today, smart choices mark successful people and there is no exception when it comes to the health field. There are many brands that offer pre-work assistance so that workouts can give maximum benefit. RAIL Male Enhancement is one name that is held in high esteem. This firm produces food supplements for a variety of purposes. Its two products comprise a particular stack known as RAIL Male Enhancement. The comprising brands are Dust Extreme and King Cobra.  When both these brands join their hands, the user feels having an extra amount of energy, pump, power, and so on.

Dust Extreme

Dust Extreme is a beautifully balanced and powerful pre-workout. 4grammes of Citrulline Malate and one gramme of AgmatineSulfate. These components give immense power and energy. Caffeine Anhydrous with 350 grammes means lots of simulation that can suffice the needs of a complete day. Besides, it becomes a part of the body easily too. This much power makes reduce detraction like tiredness, lowering will, etc., ignorable able notions and help a man work like a Gennie. In addition, there can be such attraction catching the fancy of a given person. A person can manage this situation only with a great focusing ability. Though, the mind can do focus on its own but many features can bring this ability down. To help such people on the one hand and others on the other hand, RAIL Male Enhancement blends Noopept. This element falls in the nootropic substance category that helps the user to pay full attention whatever is in mind. This is how, the benefactor become able to go an extra mile and succeed in his health objectives easily.

There are two flavors, rather delicious favors so that the user may not get bored. Then, the choice of two means the one does not have to tastes one flavor every time. One is Sour Gummy Bear and the second is Pineapple.

Usage Method

RAIL Male Enhancement suggests how to use this making element of RAIL Male Enhancement.

On training days, RAIL Male Enhancement should be taken half and hour before workout. In the case of rest days, the intake should take place in the morning. The consumer can start using it with half of the quantity. When smooth sailing becomes the order of the day, one can start taking the normal dose.


The second and important character here is King Cobra, which falls into the fat burner category. This brand complements RAIL Male Enhancement. It is so powerful that it can be called as a game changer due to the inclusion of DMAA, Dimethylamylamine. The said element is supported by the extract of EriaJarensis that ensure smooth sailing in mood province. Its thermogenic feature is another plus point. This feature takes place because of Capsimax and Paradoxine. There are 60 capsules in each container. In addition to fat-storage blocking abilities, Cobra comes with stims as well. This brand provides another reason to its parent entity to thrive.

King Cobra enjoys solid reputation on the basis of what it can do. Its benefiting potential owes to many ingredients. Some of those are in the following with brief description. King Cobra ingredients are divided into categories and Trixanthin Complex is one of those. This complex is comprised of Guayusa, Theobroma Cacao, and Green Tea.

Ilex Guayusa

Ilex Guayusa has been an essential part of food, especially breakfast, of those people living in Peru and Ecuador because they have discovered its stimulating properties. A number of components, like, the obromine, caffeine, various flavonoids, chlorogenic acids and so on.


The green extract is a popular compound in the health and fitness world for nature blesses it with polyphenols as well as catechins, that can benefit by body fat burning and fostering cardiovascular system.

Theobroma Cacao

People get it from the cocoa tree in the form of seeds. These coca seeds role in xanthine compounds, such as, the ophylline and the obromine.


EriaJarenesis adds to the power of RAIL Male Enhancement with its 150 mg potency. N-Phe ethyl dimethylamine makes it too important to ignore in the eyes of RAIL Male Enhancement. Its different molecular set up distinguishes it from the sundry PEA. Thus, EiraJarenesis burns fats and makes hard pumps as easy a pie.

Thermogenic Intensifier

This group of compounds gives 300 mg power to RAIL Male Enhancement.


Paradoine means raise heat level in the body for the good of the user and without any stimulating effects. To put it simply, the user body becomes able to make a greater use of energy which means brown adipose tissue has to give up more fats.


Capsimax comes from Chile, a land that rocks the world with taste with its peppers. These peppers spice up the life by reducing fats in the body. Capsaicin is derived from Chile peppers. Its roles of raising the heat in the body and suppressing appetite make it land here.


BioPerine comes here because it augments bio availability of many compounds that come in RAIL Male Enhancement. For instance, Piperine, Pungent Alkaloid, etc becomes able to cause a greater fat loss by using an extra amount of food in the body.


ErythropalumScandens adds 50mg potency to RAIL Male Enhancement.

Southern Asia is its native country and it serves medical purposes. Its importance can be guessed from the finding that suggests there are up to 40 compounds in its leave. Many of them contribute to raise the energy level in the body and even stabilizes mood. N-Diethyl-2-Phenylethylamine, N-Benzyl-2-phenylethylamine, and 2-Phenylethylamine are some examples to quote.


DimethylamylamineHCl increases King Cobra’s power further 45 mg. This is one amongst aliphatic a mines that stimulate the body and alleviate depressing feelings. DimethylamylamineHCl can blunt appetite to a good extent. What is more, this element is safe and legal, which elevates the position of King Cobra.

In addition, there are Citrus Auranitum, and Yohimbe.

Usage Instructions and Warnings

The label of both brands provide the said bits of information.

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