Bella Lumi Moisturizer

Beauty catches the fancy of all. This is one such reason that defines why the mature population of this globe is anxious about this aspect of their existence so much. This wish creates demand to stay beautiful, which is not a new notion. This demand has been existing for a quite millennia and every age responded to meeting needs according to its dynamics. Bella Lumi Moisturizer is a solution of present times to people’s need of staying younger than they actually are. The formulating team here chooses to take advantage of the immense fixing power of herbs to solve the issue. This natural approach does not bring anything bad to the body. Rather, it works fine with the body for the fact of being natural.

The natural ingredients are chosen here when these are ripe with their maximum benefit ability. The right amount of a given ingredient adds another sling in the Bella Lumi Moisturizer formula here. After these notions, comes the importance of the ingredient profile. The long list of ingredient establishes the earnestness of the formulating team.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Ascorbyl Palmitate is such a manifestation of vitamin C that is dissolved in fats. The said notion comes into being when palmitic acid and as corbic acid join their hands. As regards the anti-ageing skin care, this compound works in the capacity of an antioxidant agent to reduce the back lack of oxidative stress. In other words, Ascorbyl Palmitate reduces the aging process on areas of the skin it is applied to.

Triticum Vulgare

Triticum Vulgare comes here from wheat seed but in the form of the extract. Ceramides comprise skin, by the edict of mother nature. Rather, it will be more suitable to say that ceramides constitute the chunk of the outer layer of the skin. These notions help the integrity of the skin by increasing its moisture retaining abilities. This quality has direct and immediate cause and effect relationship with youthfulness and suppleness of the skin. The firmness of the skin is assured by many notions and ceramides are one of those.

However, aging curse the ceramide manufacturing modus operandi and cause a decline in the ceramide output which invites an evil to the skin, sagging. Thanks to development in the scientific approach field that enables Bella Lumi Moisturizer to draw ceramides from wheat. These ceramides slow the working of elastase enzymes that pounce on elastin. As its title suggests, elastin is one assurance behind the flexibility of the skin and a decrease in its amount cause wrinkles to pitch their camp. There are more good things to explore about it. Take the example of the fact that there is gluten here. After that, the absence of GMO makes it even safer for human consumption.


Health experts know Tocopherol as one particular manifestation of vitamin E. This vitamin here in Bella Lumi Moisturizer is fat soluble. After that, it is the effectiveness level that is quite high in the field of anti-aging for its superb anti-ageing and inflammatory characteristics. Then, its potential of reducing sun-induced damage. Tocopherol restricts the making of free radicals on the one and hand deflating the UV induced infliction on the skin. The conditioning of the skin gets better, and so does the water retention potential. These two developments join hands to fortify the barrier function of the skin. Tocopherol helps considerably in trans dermal water loss.

Yellow Carrot Extract

Bella Lumi Moisturizer uses the yellow carrot extract, as it is marked by the presence of lutein, and xanthophylls. These two notions stand on the pedestal of pigment while being members of the carotenoid group. Eye health owes to this notion on the one hand and inhibiting macular degeneration.


Tannins are provided where for these are polyphenolic compounds. A number of plants carry this compound. Its benefits to the applied skin are many for the rich inventory of nutrients, such as, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antioxidant, and antibacterial. In other words, all these attributes keep the skin in sound health.


Sterols represent the lipid notion in the skin. Sterol gets involved because of the fact of being a part of extracellular skin matrix. Bella Lumi Moisturizer benefits the user skin in many ways. For example, sterol helps the skin organ in discharging its primary task of barrier function. After this, sterol offers its assistance in hydration and cell communication methods.

Soy Isoflavones

Soybean contains one particular variety of phytochemicals in the form of soy isoflavones. The composition of these notion resembles that of the estrogen hormone and have the ability to get themselves bound to estrogen receptors. The contribution to the skin cause is that collagen synthesis takes place on better footing. Its application to the skin by means of Bella Lumi Moisturizer add thickness to the skin. After this, Soy Isoflavones have excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers. After this, this element restricts the UVB radiation-induced photo damage to the skin.

Acetyl Octapeptide-3

In the category of peptide ingredient, the presence of Acetyl Octapeptide-3 in Bella Lumi Moisturizer is a clear signal of the earnestness of stakeholders. Reverting to the ingredient, many clinical findings affirm that wrinkle depth is bettered that would have been caused by working of muscles to create a particular expression. Its safety and reasonable price rub off these attributes on the Bella Lumi Moisturizer.


Jojoba Seed is the source of Simmondsia Chinensis here in Bella Lumi Moisturizer anti-aging solution. Oil taken from jojoba seeds is very healthy for the skin. Its application keeps the hydration in the skin on a high level.The skin gets this benefit because of the said extract establishes a layer proffering moisture lost protection. This application does not smear the skin with some oily feel. This use does not clog the pores. The regular application of Simmondsia Chinensis is that dry skin becomes moisturized. After this benefit, the user skin begins discouraging the sebum production in the body. The inflammation too fails in finding a foothold here.We know that it is the sebum matter and inflammation in the skin that exposes the skin to the monstrosity of acne but protection against these notions here is available in the Bella Lumi Moisturizer formula as the said notion installs the overproduction of inflammation and sebum.

Bella Lumi Moisturizer label carries usage instructions.

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