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Scitec Nutrition describes Alpha Testo Maxxx its latest contribution to the world of health and fitness. Its making entity marks this product by the informing people that it has 15.7g amino acids in total and with no sugar at all. They claim that the said brand is developed according to a first class formula that is efficient enough to keep providing a day’s energy needs. The official website puts it one sale for 32.99 GBP. It is an excellent food supplement for those who wish to have marked health life.

Contribution of Ingredients

It goes without saying that the benefit range of Alpha Testo Maxxx owes to the synergy of its ingredients. It is not possible to enlist attributes of all of those chosen by Scitec Nutrition. Mention of some of those is available in the following.


BCAAs stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids. This compound group is sought after by people who are keen on bodybuilding. This ingredient sub-group in the Charge contribute to the muscle making process that is called protein synthesis scientifically. In addition, members of this sub-group ( as stated in below) makes a recovery better, clamp the tiredness in muscles and so on. Then, these help their user to come over even depression and dizziness that may take place because of the shortage of protein in the body.


This ingredient in Alpha Testo Maxxx is one of the most influential ingredients as its responsibilities include managing glucose level in blood streams, growth in the body, healing skin tissues, and taking care of bones. Being a contributor to Human Growth Hormone, Leucine quicken healing of the wound, managing energy level in the body and slows the dissolving of tissues in muscles.

L-Lysine HCl

Scitec chooses this ingredient for Alpha Testo Maxxx because it is good for execution of many functions in the body. Maintaining Glucose level in blood, managing soreness in muscles are some noteworthy advantages here. It is a vital component for growth. Its presence in the body facilitates calcium use by the bones which make those even stronger. Then, it plays it helping role to put ensure nitrogen balance in the user body. Despite stress and tiredness, L-Lysine assures that body keeps lean body mass. The body becomes able in producing antibodies that ensure the wellbeing of a given person. Its presence in the body streamlines secretion of many hormones, entailing testosterone, insulin, etc. Last but not the least, L-Lysine has been chosen by Scitech because this compound keeps blood vessel healthy.


Our body does not make this effective amino acid and it has to be obtained from dairy or meat. Nature makes it available in nerve tissue, heart and some particular muscles. The body becomes able to make elastic and collagen with its help. The protein balance in the body owes to this notion. L- Threonine ensure smooth sailing in liver working as well lipotropic working. This assistance takes place when this compound work hand in hand with as partic acid along with methionine. It presence fosters the working of the immune system by producing antibodies. L-Threonine means that nutrient will become part of the body efficiently.


Alpha Testo Maxxx includes L-Arginine because it can hold nitrogen in a surprising manner, which plays a vital role in muscle building. Scitech Nutrition gives the nod to it because it fosters the working of the immune system. Arginine facilitates the working thymus gland that contributes to the testosterone production in the body. This, it increases the healing speed of the body. A rise in GH production becomes possible because of it. Then, it is interesting to men that it can blend longevity element while having sex. The health gets better as liver works well because of. Then, skin stays in good condition. Even, cholesterol level stays low. For a bodybuilder it is a must because it helps mass gain in the user body’s muscles on the one hand and restricting the fat storage on the other hand.

Ingredient Breakdown

The following lines provide names and potency of ingredients chosen Scitec Nutrition to constitute Alpha Testo Maxxx, with the aggregate potency of 15,800mg. Essential amino acids contribute 7,600mg to. Out of this 7,600mg, BCAAs has atotal share of 6,000mg. BCAAs shareis constituted by 3,000 mg of L-Leucine, 1,500 mg by IsoLeucine, and 1,500mg by Valine. After this, it is L-Lysine HCl with 500mg, L-Histidine with 250mg, L-Methionine with 250mg, L-Threonine with 250mg, and L-Tryptophan with 100mg. Next, it is L-Glutamine adding 3,000mg, L-Arginine HCl adding 1,000 mg and L-Tyrosine adding 1,000 mg to the Charge. The Energizing Matrix has the total worth of 3,200mg. L-Citrulline comes with 3,000mg, caffeine with 102mg, and L-Theanine with 204mg.

Usage Instructions

Scitec Nutrition enlists one instruction to wring advantages out of Alpha Testo Maxxx. A user is to mix one serving with two standard glasses of water (500 ml) and drink it during taking exercise. The serving is 19 gram. That’s all.

Allergy Alert

Scitec provides information regarding allergy issues. Scitec Nutrition informs people who have allergy issue to read the label before consuming it to know that there is something is uncomfortable. The facility this food supplement is manufactured processes a number of food items people are allergic to. These are fish, soy, nuts, milk, peanuts, egg, celery, gluten and crustacean making elements. So, people having issued with these compounds should avoid it.

Suitable For

There are no conditions here. Whoever is looking for an energy drink can get it.


Alpha Testo Maxxx is a product of Scitec Nutrition to serve more than one purpose. This attribute distinguishes it from sundry food supplement that is good for one purpose only. Reverting to the food supplement, it keeps the body energized all the day. Then, Charge empowers the user to pay attention to whatever one has been assigned to or taken upon oneself. Top of the list, it is a fine product to ready for pumps in a given gym. These chief achievements take place because amino acids and caffeine have been used here with 16g and 100mg potency respectively. Thus, it becomes evident, that this Scitec Nutrition product is fit for purpose.

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